If you’re just landing on this web site after visiting me at the KUKI art and craft fair in Kehlen, Luxembourg, hello and welcome.

It’s been a while since I participated in a craft market, two years to be exact and in that time a few things have changed. Most of my artwork these days is digital, prints and patterns for example but occasionally I still like to get out a pencil and paper to produce a quick sketch. I enjoy making cards using a blend of digital illustration, collage and hand painted backgrounds. Some of the cards made for KUKI were made in this way.

The prints made for KUKI started out with a simple hand cut alphabet and shapes, scanned and put into Illustrator where I could manipulate them and add colours. I love that choppy, wobbly look, it gives them a bit of character I think.

I make less books than I used to which is sad I know, I love hand bound books. I’ll still be making a few special ones so they won’t disappear from my life forever.

This time around I’ve been rediscovering the magic of my cutting maching and made a few stickers to put on the table. I’ve had a lot of fun with these, I’m pretty pleased with the results. It’ll be fun to play with lots of new illustrations for stickers in the future. I’ve also discovered some specialist papers for tatoo making and Kraft paper labels so I’m looking forward to playing with those.

This time round I’m sharing the tent with my daughter Sophie who has set herself up as an illustrator too. She’s done really well in designing, printing, packaging and marketing, I think she has a great future ahead and I’m one proud mama.

Have a great weekend

Update: I want to thank everyone who came over to support us, it was very much appreciated xx

Jaine xx


I don’t usually write here on a Monday but I thought I’d just say a big thank you to all those people who came to KUKI and visited my stand. Whether you bought something or not the support was welcome.

Weather wise it was a mixed bag. It ranged from warm and sunny to absolutely freezing cold with my body shaking at one point. A massive storm right at the end managed to blow past us which was a huge relief to me and the stalls around me and the only rain was felt as we were packing up, so I think we were very lucky on the whole.

It’s been a few years since the last fair so the anticipation was high. I had a great spot right at the top where everything was going on. The years before I’ve been way down the side street and missed the opening ceremony.

The ribbon was almost cut in my tent. Good for publicity and even better for official photos.

There were all kinds of wonderful things to see and hear from bands and theatre to Viennese costumes. The art on display was amazing too.

Today I’m unpacking and sorting my stock for the next one which is on Sunday in Bushdorf. I have a spot on the main street, number 38 if you want to come over and visit.

I’ll be back later in the week but for now I’ll get on with sorting the stock out.

Have a good one

Jaine xx