introducing the Micro Photo album

I’ve discovered that in fact the smallest of the interactive album family is the most fun to put together and my personal favourite.

It measures 10x10x6cm’s so is small but chunky. It sits on a shelf perfectly due to the wide spine but don’t be fooled by the size. It has 24 square pages giving you plenty of room for photos and perhaps some text. I like to use black as the base because it makes any colour on top really pop!

This little chunky has been filled with arty/mixed media designer papers and to be truthful it’s so cute it would be a shame to cover them up with anything else!

It’s so colourful, full of fun and definitely quirky.

This next one is equally as colourful but in a much more controlled, scrapbook style.

Mostly yellows, orange and dusty blue shades, it has a more graphic style.

Both have twine around the spine which can be used to hang a small charm so lots of opportunity to make this even more personal.

Both these finished albums are in my Letzshop store here and to have a bespoke micro album made just visit my shop here. At just 30€ they would make a wonderful and personal gift for someone either to fill with photos or already filled with memories.

Have a good weekend

Jaine xxxx

interactive albums

Imagine for a minute a friend comes over for a chat (it’s life after Covid!) and you want to show off the latest photos of your grandchild. You’re trying to find the pictures on your phone, then when you have found them it’s difficult to show and tell with them turning like some whirling dervish on the screen and anyway the images are too small to look at without glasses on. Now picture the same friend, same scenario but this time you reach for the beautiful album filled with lovely memories which you had commissioned from Basement Studio!

That’s my vision anyway because I am that person with fingers which do what they want and a challenged phone which somewhere holds a collection of wonderful photos of my grandson.

I’ve been spending as much time as possible in the studio experimenting with interactive albums. Finding different ways to put them together and how to make room for as many photos as possible in a small space.

I think I’ve at last found my perfect place and settled on four sizes to sell in the shop. These will be made to order but I’ll also have a few ready made too.

Sizes range from a Maxi at 20x20cm’s, a Midi at 16x16cm’s, Mini at 12×12 and my favourite Micro at 10×10.

They all have hard covers and fabric spine binding, and inside lots of room for photos with flaps and fold outs which makes them really fun.

If you’d like to have an interactive album made for yourself then why not go to the web site and have a look. The link is here

Stay safe and I’ll be back soon

Jaine xx