The Town Houses Are Back In Stock

It’s always an anxious time launching something which has been in my head for ages, then sketched out and thought about for ever before seeing it realised into an actual product and hoping that someone somewhere will like it as much as you….. and breath!  That was my feeling when I launched my own stamp designs just over a year ago. Since then they’ve been very popular and given me a huge confidence boost.

I’ve recently had to have a restock and this time they’re better than ever. They come this time with cling mount on the back which they didn’t have before giving them a much better stamped image plus much easier to mount on a stamping block.

There are five individual houses to choose from with phrases or words and a row of town houses together.

To buy these and more click on this link to go to the shop.

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you soon.

Jaine xx

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2 thoughts on “The Town Houses Are Back In Stock

  1. Hi Betty. If only we knew each other back then, I remember Auchan being built, boy you wouldn’t recognize it now. We’re still in a bit of a crafty desert here but slowly we see small changes and we even boast a small foire once a year for crafts. The internet is my best friend. I’d love to see what you make with the stamps and I’m so happy you like them. You can find me on Instagram as basementgal or I’m on Facebook too.

    Have fun

    Jaine x

  2. New girl on the block here!am soooo pleased your houses are back in stock, so need to get something made with them!

    I spent quite a lot of time in Luxembourg quite a few years ago now,whilst my husband was working in the construction of the shopping centre which has the Auchan hypermarket in it and alongside sort of the EU buildings. It was a great experience though we were too ing and fro ing a lot and not actual residents there, so 2 weeks or 1 week at a time is how we did it. We absolutely loved Luxembourg and so much to see and do from there, great food and a lot of fun with other people working on the same contract.

    I spent a lot of time scouring the streets for some sort of craft shop, never really found one Jaine,so brought my own bits and pieces over in a box, funny as now it would be impossible to get stuff needed into a box!

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