Messy Fun Friday and the evolution of an image

“Messy Fun Friday” is the phrase adopted by my good friend Clare Brown after we spent the morning creating a journal page together via What’s App. We had such a good time creating together and getting messy it was almost as good as having her with me in the studio. Almost. We had such a laugh it made me think about perhaps making a video of my process in future.

For now though I’ll re-wind a bit to a couple of days ago when I sketched out this page in my journal.


At this point I was just really playing with the image and not really thinking too much about the finished page.


I went over everything with my Micron pen and really defined all those sketchy lines.


Here’s how it looked after some water colour and acrylic paint. I could have stopped there but I wanted to take it further soooo……


I scanned her into the computer and tidied her up a bit to print out and use again and again. Which is how we got to where we are today.


After I’d created my background with Clare I used it to glue my new image onto along with a few other bits I’d created to go with her.

I hope you liked that little peek into how my twisted mind works. Happy October and I’ll be off now to clean up after this morning. Thanks Clare for a brilliant morning of fun.

Have a good weekend

Jaine x


3 responses to “Messy Fun Friday and the evolution of an image

  1. Thank you for a great morning and watching your work evolve has been inspirational. x

  2. Hello there! Wonderful colours here!!! Acrylics, you said? LOVE the brightness!!! Lena

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