The December Daily

Happy December 1st everyone.

It’s that time again and the December Daily Journal is out.

december daily

Ages ago I found a beautiful old book in the recycling centre and even though at the time it was the pages inside I wanted it for, I always had the intention to use the covers for a project later on.


After taking out the rest of the inside pages (I promise it was already damaged before I got hold of it!) I made myself a new set of signatures by sewing together mixed media paper.


I’d kept in the first and last pages of the book and glued these to the new book pages.


I used papers from the Canvas Corp Farmhouse Collection to decorate the front of the book as the rustic finish was just what I was looking for.


december daily

Are you keeping a December Daily Journal and if so what kind?

Jaine x


3 responses to “The December Daily

  1. I am keeping a December Daily Journal on my blog as an Advent Calendar. I love your journal! It is so pretty!

  2. beautiful project – I love using old books for project – both the covers and book pages are a favorite of mine in many projects.

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