a simple mini album Pt1

It’s been a while since I actually wrote a tutorial as such so I thought it was about time I made one! The inspiration for this little book came to me as I unpacked my monthly subscription box of goodies from Paper Pen and Plan (on Etsy and Facebook). The contents begged to become a mini book and as they sat there on my table on top of the box they arrived in, I could see the box itself becoming the cover. After taking the box apart I trimmed it to the size I wanted with the side of the box becoming the spine of the book. I ended up with two of these from my Sweet Treat Box so I can use the other one another time.

I sometimes use brown parcel paper to cover books. It comes on a roll so is wider than most papers, it’s sturdy enough and I rather like the kraft colour.

With the cover done, I could then move on to decorating the outside and inside with my patterned papers.

To attach my pages I made a very simple accordion hinge from a piece of patterned card. Slightly shorter than the book itself, I created three folded hinges with a half cm gap in between. So starting with a score at 2cm then 3.5, 5, 5.5, 7, 8.5, 9, 10.5, and 12.

I glued the three mountain folds together to form the hinges for the book,

then glued this to the spine of the book. I scored each side where the book would fold and left it to dry.

For my pages I took black card. I like using black card as it really shows off any paper you put on top of it. I measured how big I wanted the page to be and doubled it across the width to be able to fold it in half and added double sided tape on the ends and sides. I only needed to tape one half in actual fact. Laying the taped page under the first hinge I could press the hinge down onto the card. I then folded the page in half and pressed the other taped end down onto the hinge. First page done!

I did the same for the remaining two pages.

I think it’s cute. Now to decorate… For that one you’ll have to come back next week to see how it turned out.

Have a great weekend

Jaine xx

interactive albums

Imagine for a minute a friend comes over for a chat (it’s life after Covid!) and you want to show off the latest photos of your grandchild. You’re trying to find the pictures on your phone, then when you have found them it’s difficult to show and tell with them turning like some whirling dervish on the screen and anyway the images are too small to look at without glasses on. Now picture the same friend, same scenario but this time you reach for the beautiful album filled with lovely memories which you had commissioned from Basement Studio!

That’s my vision anyway because I am that person with fingers which do what they want and a challenged phone which somewhere holds a collection of wonderful photos of my grandson.

I’ve been spending as much time as possible in the studio experimenting with interactive albums. Finding different ways to put them together and how to make room for as many photos as possible in a small space.

I think I’ve at last found my perfect place and settled on four sizes to sell in the shop. These will be made to order but I’ll also have a few ready made too.

Sizes range from a Maxi at 20x20cm’s, a Midi at 16x16cm’s, Mini at 12×12 and my favourite Micro at 10×10.

They all have hard covers and fabric spine binding, and inside lots of room for photos with flaps and fold outs which makes them really fun.

If you’d like to have an interactive album made for yourself then why not go to the web site and have a look. The link is here

Stay safe and I’ll be back soon

Jaine xx

Welcome Aboard Mini Album

I am enjoying every minute of creating these cute mini albums. Each one holds something special and this one is particularly special.

In my work with Craft Stamper magazine I frequently meet some really lovely people, and was recently very kindly sent a packet of amazing embellishments from a lovely company called MITFORM in Poland. They have the most fantastic range of metal castings for scrapbooking covering all tastes and styles. It was this nautical range of castings which inspired me to create this latest mini album.

Even though the castings are beautiful as they are, I decided to give them a more distressed look, as if they’ve been dredged up from the sea bed. I’m very pleased how well it worked.

The book inside is filled with pull out flaps and extra pages so for its size it still holds lots of photos.

This little mini will be listed in my shop for sale which you can find by following the link here. MITFORM embellishments can be found at www.mitform.com or Craft Box in the UK.

Have a great weekend and stay safe

Jaine xx

Big Baby Album

I’ve been dying to show off this new album but until now I couldn’t as I’d spoil a surprise. But at last I can.

It’s a chunky 20x20cm with a wide 9cm spine. Lots of room for photos with flaps and extra fold out pages.

It was an absolute joy to create it too. I’ve listed it as a pre order on my web shop which you can find by clicking the link here. The colour and choice of patterned paper were chosen for this specific project so any colour or theme is possible.

I plan to add a wedding album to the family soon too.

Have a lovely week

Jaine xx