Going all Halloweeny

I know it’s only Wednesday but I had to get this in before it was too late. I saw and bought these letters ages ago but wasn’t quite sure how I’d decorate them. I have some of the Haunt It papers by Canvas Corp  and these were absolutely perfect for adding that quirky touch.


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Monday in the studio with my Moleskine journal

Don’t you just love it when you get to fill up a journal? This is my Moleskine which I’ve had for ages now. It’s an A4 size and I’ve been through phases where I’ve loved it one minute then gone off it the next. In the beginning A4 was an exciting size to work on but slowly as I started to make my own smaller sized journals from scratch I felt the bigger pages were just too intimidating. More recently however, I’ve gone back to A4 and love it.

This is how fat it’s become as I get near the end. My left hand pages are all curved and bent meaning I can only work on the right but I’ll add loose leaves to the left so no space will be wasted. A new one will have to be on my Christmas wish list.


It’s been a busy week with half term and Halloween coming up and stuff for the shop to finish  off. I did get to do a bit of journaling with Clare Brown though where we worked on using silhouettes on a page.

I love doing this, it’s my favourite way to work on a page and the ways you can use a silhouette are endless. I think in the future I may do a tutorial on it so you can see how I put the page together.

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Going black and white

One of the nice things about crafting with a friend is being able to give each other ideas and challenges sometimes way out of your comfort zone. This week during a conversation with Clare she challenged us both to create a black and white background. As a lover of colour, colour and more colour this was already sounding scary but once I’d covered my page with black gesso (way too scary for words) then white, I thought, hey I can do this.

I decided on a sketch of a crow as I’m still wallowing in the Halloween vibe and some simple pen work with water colour to paint in my bird.

black journal page

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A bit of bright colour with Dylusions


It’s been an exciting week in the studio with boxes arriving full of stock for the shop, I’ve found it hard to take time for a bit of creating.  Yesterday I did however manage to find an hour or so with Clare via face time again, to add to a page in my journal which I’d started a few weeks ago.

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