The end of 2020 and a very different christmas

Usually about this time I’d be stressing about decorations, food, drinks and everything else which goes with this festive time of year. I’m a total Christmas control freak, everything has to be perfect. Turkey dinner is sacred. Even when we lived in the Middle East, I insisted we sourced a turkey, had stuffing and bread sauce sent from England and the year we were invited to have BBQ lobster on the beach, I made us go home afterwards to eat the obligatory turkey!

This Christmas will obviously be a very different one all round. Having a large family used to gathering together for sunday lunches, the rule of two visitors only is proving challenging. We’ve had to work out who is available when, so we can see each other over the holiday period. It’s all put a bit of a different spin on the festivities. I’m thinking we’ll break with tradition on Christmas day and all eat vegetarian. I seem to be the only one these days eating meat anyway so what the heck! I’m not sure yet what it’ll be but it won’t be a nut roast and it may involve a lobster!

With Christmas in sight that means a shiny new year is dawning and finally we get to draw a line under this dreadful year. In anticipation of this awaited event, I’ve started preparing my planner for the January hand over by creating the first dashboard. After a few months ago switching back to my ringed planner but using bullet journal pages, I’m sticking with this hybrid formula excited to start a brand new year in it.

I hope everyone has a good Christmas and a stress free journey into 2021.

Jaine xxxx

Getting Ahead For Christmas

“Stop the year I wanna get off!!”…… just kidding! Seriously though, does it feel like being on a very long slide with Christmas at the bottom and you just keep on getting faster? Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s because of the insanely gorgeous Autumn weather we’ve been having that it became difficult to visualize Christmas.  Or maybe it’s the crazy routine in publishing when you’re planning December in July and by November it’s already Spring! 

Anyway, this was a discussion of sorts way back in July with my fellow teammates from Paper Pen and Plan. We were wondering why we never get to finish up our December Journals/planners even though at the beginning we always seem to be so focused. We came to the conclusion that if we planned things earlier and in a more organized way it should make the rest fall into place. So we’ve each taken a topic and week to showcase what we’re using and how we’re using it. I was up last week and I was talking about Inserts.

I decided to make myself a felt notebook cover in a standard size and of course I made my own inserts to go with it using a Simple Stories collection called Cozy Christmas which you can find at Paper Pen and Plan on Etsy.

To go with my theme I made a little video tutorial which you can find below.

If you want to join us then head over to Facebook and join the Paperpenandplan group where we’ll be more than happy to help inspire you. I’ll be showing inside my planner and memory book as I add to it and I’d love to hear if you make one of your own or have your own ideas for December planning.

Have a good weekend

Jaine xx

Christmas Journal And Mini Albums

I’m still keeping up with my December daily journal although I might not exactly be to the day. It’s that busy time of the year don’t you know (smiley face).

I did wonder how using a junk journal with some very thin pages would work out but so far it’s not been too much of a problem if at all.

If anything shows through from the other side I’ve just covered it up with a picture or paper.

I’ve been working flat out to make mini books and albums for an artists Christmas event coming up in a weeks time. I’ll be showing and selling various different types of mini album including these accordion books. They’re just the right size for a few photos and messages for a last minute gift idea. I’m hoping they’ll go down well on the stand.

Looking at them here maybe I need to make a few not pink ones, I think my girly side took over.

Have a good weekend and if you have snow, stay safe and warm.

Jaine x

Happy December And Hello Daily Journal 2017

The madness has really started with shops heaving and roads full of traffic. I think this is why I prefer to do alot of my shopping on line to be honest. If I’m off to the shopping centre it’s to look at the pretty lights and get ideas not shop like a headless chicken for something I’ve no idea what.

Anyway that said, the best bits of the season have kicked off and that includes the first page in my daily journal for December which I’m doing in colaboration with Paper Pen and Plan. Day 1 is “One Happy Moment” which was most definitely going out with Cooper in the morning in the first real snow fall of the season. He loves it.

So far I’m not sure how it’s going to pan out using a junk journal for my daily with some of the pages being made out of thinner paper. This might restrict me from using too many wet media like paints and sprays. I’ll have to play it by ear and just see how it goes. If I have to use gesso or glue in extra pages then so be it. That’s just how it goes.

Have a good first weekend of advent everyone and I’ll speak soon.

Jaine x